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Scottsdale Orthodontists Creating The Coolest Place For Braces

How do you define a "cool" smile? That's easy! When your teeth are straight and beautiful, you tend to show those pearly whites when smiling, and your whole face lights up. You're already a pretty cool person even before coming to our Scottsdale orthodontist office, but a cool smile makes you feel more confident about your appearance. Are you searching Scottsdale orthodontists because you know you may need braces? You might need braces because your teeth grew in crooked, there wasn't enough room in your mouth for your permanent teeth; or maybe you had an accident that knocked your teeth out of line. As a result, you may be uncomfortable when you chew and dental hygiene may be difficult. Having braces will not only make your smile better, but there are health benefits too.

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Getting Braces With The Coolest Scottsdale Orthodontist

You may think it's odd for a dentist offering braces in Scottsdale, Arizona, a desert area, to have a name like "Arctic Smiles," but Dr. Richard Jones, the Iceberg Orthodontist, wants to make getting braces a fun and pleasant adventure for his young patients. Your whole experience will be like an expedition through a frosty polar ice cap toward a beautiful, cool smile! When you walk into our iceberg themed reception area, our office mascot, Chilly the polar bear, and his other Arctic friends greet you. Chilly loves meeting new explorers on our iceberg! It’s a blast introducing you to our arctic orthodontic world while escaping from the Arizona heat. We have a game room and an iPad in the waiting room to keep you busy while you wait.

At Arctic Smiles, we're committed to making your journey toward beautiful teeth an easy overall experience. When you call our office, you never get a frosty reception. Our staff is here to offer you friendly, competent customer service whether you are a current patient or inquiring about braces for the first time.

Thanks for stopping by our polar iceberg where the coolest Orthodontist in Scottsdale makes the most beautiful smiles with Damon™ braces, clear braces, Invisalign and more! For more information about our office, please feel free to browse through our website or call us today at: 480-614-2211