Empower braces are self-ligating—meaning they use a clip to hold the archwire in place rather than traditional rubber bands. This means there is less friction on the teeth and fewer appointments are needed. Why not opt for convenience when correcting your smile?

Why Choose Empower?

No ligatures means a lower profile—and that translates into braces that are less visible to those around you. They are also able to use less force while getting better results, making them more comfortable for you. When you come into the office for adjustments, they go faster, and dewer are needed. You don’t have to schedule your life around your braces.

Benefits of Empower Braces

  • Aesthetics: Strong ceramic brackets blend in with the teeth
  • Efficiency: No ligatures means fewer appointments and faster treatment time
  • Comfort: Brackets are designed with rounded edges for a low profile and less irritation


We are committed to creating for you the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always wanted. Contact our office to schedule an appointment, and see if Empower braces are right for you!