Invisalign Teen®

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No two teens are the same, so why should their orthodontic treatment be? Align Technology offers Invisalign Teen, a fully customized system that helps your child achieve a better smile while offering special features ideal for adolescents.

The Treatment

The process begins with digital impressions of your child’s teeth. We then run these through Invisalign’s proprietary software to come up with the path of treatment. Each step becomes an aligner in the series.

The Aligners

Your teen will be given aligners in groups, with each aligner numbered, making it clear which comes next. Every week to two weeks, your child will swap out their aligner for the next in the series. All the aligners will have a blue indicator wear dot that disappears once the aligner is worn enough. If the dot is still there when it is time to switch to the next in the series, you know your child has not been wearing them as directed and might need to switch to braces. If this happens within the first six months, this switch is free of charge.

The Transformation

As treatment progresses, your teens smile will transform through a series of small, precise shifts of their teeth. After about 18 months, most teens will be finished with their treatment.

* To learn more about how Invisalign Teen can benefit your child, schedule a consultation.