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“5 Stars”- “Every Visit to Arctic Smiles has been great! Love all the friendly and helpful staff and couldn’t ask for a more professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant orthodontist than Dr. Jones! I would recommend him, his staff, and facility to anyone!” – Nick, Parent and patient of Dr. Jones.

“We are so happy to have both of our sons going to Arctic Smiles Orthodontics! Dr. Jones and the staff have been great to work with! We found the pricing to be reasonable and the team has been excellent to work with in matters dealing with insurance. A friendly smile greets us each and every time we arrive at the office! At this time our two sons, one now 16 and the other almost 15, have had their braces for over a year. Since both of our sons perform as actors in local theater productions, it is imperative their teeth be as attractive as possible. Already we can see such a difference! In just a year, both boys have beautiful smiles and straight teeth. They still have some time left to finish the procedure, but we can already see such amazing results and both of our boys are so much more confident! As a matter of fact, they seem to be proud to have the braces and are always ready to share their experiences of being patients at Arctic Smiles Orthodontics!”

Chuck D., parent of two children in active orthodontic treatment

“My daughter is a patient of Dr. Jones, and we couldn’t be happier! He and his team at Arctic Smiles Orthodontics are absolutely incredible! They are very professional and so caring, they treat us like family. Any time Sidney has needed to get in sooner than her scheduled appointment, they easily get her in. The team members and Dr. Jones always have a smile on their faces and have a way of making our day brighter. I couldn’t imagine having any of my children treated anywhere but at Arctic Smiles. I have referred many people and will continue to do so; it’s the absolute best orthodontic care you can get, hands down!”

Shawna M., parent

“In a case of extreme irony, we found both our children in need of orthodontic care at the same time. Shortly into our search we came upon Dr. Jones and his new practice, Arctic Smiles Orthodontics. His treatment coordinator told me of Dr. Jones’ history; that he was new to Scottsdale and he had moved from Indiana where he had a very busy practice for 15 years. I was very drawn to the idea of Midwest attitudes and values, and was excited to bring my children in for a consultation. We were sold from the first minute, and confirmed by the professional consultation and fair pricing. Dr. Jones is extremely friendly, interested in the kids, and puts them immediately at ease. They were joking around with him within minutes and not in the least bit shy or intimidated. They love the fun office decor, and I love that we never have to wait for our appointment — the kids are in the chair within three minutes of arrival every time. The kids are right on target with their treatment plans and we can see the results. Dr. Jones is very thorough in explaining every procedure, how long it will last, and reasons why it is necessary. He is available for any question, and is also available in case of emergency (8:00 p.m. on a night before a trip!) I would recommend Dr. Jones and Arctic Smiles to anyone looking for an orthodontist they can trust, and who goes above and beyond expectation.”

Jenny D., parent of two children in orthodontic treatment

“You’re never too grown up to get braces. Six months before I turned 40, I got my braces on. I had always been self-conscious of my crooked teeth, but getting braces in my teens was not an option financially. From my first appointment with Dr. Jones, I began to look forward to every visit; everyone on the staff is fun, upbeat, and knowledgeable. Wearing braces was a lot easier than I anticipated and the results are so worth it. The first time I saw my new smile, I couldn’t believe the change! It was surreal to see my teeth uncovered after just 16 months of treatment. Dr. Jones is definitely worth the time and investment!”

Rose C., adult orthodontic patient

“Dr. Jones’ office is the friendliest place for kids I have ever visited! The office is bright, fun, and COOL! I love all the arctic animals swimming over our heads when I get my braces adjusted! My siblings even like coming to my appointments because when I get a cool treat, they always have extra for them too!”

Patti P., patient of Dr. Richard Jones

“While I had my braces on, we moved across town and it took about 45 minutes to get to my appointments. As a teenager, that’s a lot of time, but I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else for my braces … it just wouldn’t be the same being treated by an orthodontist other than Dr. Jones! He is so funny and always makes me smile even when I’m moody and tired from school and sports. I always knew what was done at my appointments and why. The assistants always told me what I needed to do to make sure I had a beautiful smile when the braces came off…. Well, the braces are off and I love my smile. You are the GREATEST, Dr. Jones!”

Megan L., patient of Dr. Richard Jones