Types of Appliances


elastics (rubber bands)


Elastics, or rubber bands, are used to help the upper and lower teeth come together correctly. Elastics must be worn as prescribed.



The Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device is used as an alternative to headgear, promoting growth in teens, addressing excessive overbites, improving the fit of the teeth, and in many cases, eliminating the need for jaw surgery.



Headgear is an option for treating overbites and underbites. The headgear gently pulls on the teeth to restrict growth of the upper teeth and jaw.

palatal expander

Palatal Expander

This appliance widens the upper jaw by placing pressure on the upper molars. With each adjustment, the upper arch widens more.

retainers retainers


Made in removable and fixed styles, retainers keep your teeth in their corrected positions after braces are removed. Wear your retainer exactly as directed for the best results.


Separators or Spacers

These a little rubber doughnuts that go between the teeth to push them apart to make room for orthodontic bands. Once the bands are in place, the separators are removed.